About Us

Exhibitree is

a people driven organization that is passionate about our clients’ best interests.  Ethics and integrity are the core values by which we live and work, not just words to win business.

We do not just give quotes: we give honest advice based on your needs and budget.  Our clients have chosen to stay with us for the long haul because of their trust and confidence in our people and their skills.  The people of Exhibitree understand how to communicate your message in clear, powerful and innovative ways that support and reinforce your position in your industry.

For over forty years, we have provided our services to clients in industries ranging from apparel, automotive, communications and entertainment to healthcare and advanced technology.  The depth of our skills and breadth of our services, combined with our experience and culture, will help you elevate your message to a new dimension.

Welcome to Exhibitree.  We are different by design.

Scott Langwell

President & CEO

Exhibitree, Inc.

76 Fairbanks

Irvine, California 92618